Four to six weeks before moving

  1. Request a written estimate from a professional mover
  2. Dispose of items that you will not be moving (donate to charity, hold a garage sale, give to friends or relatives)
  3. Have draperies, carpets or furniture cleaned
  4. Review your insurance policies for coverage
  5. Send out change of address cards to creditors, family, friends, magazine subscriptions or other continuing services

Three weeks before moving

  1. Arrange to have utilities disconnected or transferred to your new home
  2. Make an appointment to have appliances serviced before the move
  3. Gather all important documents such as tax papers, insurance policies, school records, passports, and birth certificates and put them in an easy to find area

Two weeks before moving

  1. Arrange for transportation for your pet(s)
  2. Transfer or close club memberships
  3. Notify your post office of the change of address

One week before moving

  1. Arrange for a babysitter on moving day (if needed)
  2. Transfer all prescriptions
  3. Discontinue newspaper delivery
  4. Pick up airline tickets

Days before the move

  1. Pack your luggage
  2. Set aside those items to be put in an extra (air) shipment
  3. Purchase Traveler's Checks
  4. Ship your pets
  5. Deliver auto to auto carrier