1. Appliances: Empty and Defrost: Clean the inside of your refrigerator or freezer to keep mildew at a minimum (3 days before your packing day) during transit and storage, these appliances need at least two days to dry out. Leave doors open after cleaning. Disconnect washer and dryer. If you have a front load washer, please have factory locks if available. Please provide the locks and we can stabilize it for you.

  2. Disconnect Televisions: Flat Screen TV’s. Unmount from the wall or TV cabinet stand. Disconnect all components such as stereos, video disc players, computers, printers, and VCRs for the move.

  3. Original Factory Cartons If Available: For Flat Screen TV’s, Computers, please have them next to the items to be packed. The packer will pack the electronic items into the original factory shipping carton.

  4. For Boxes and Plastic Totes Packed Already: Leave them open so the crew can check for breakable items and repack if necessary.

  5. Separate items that you are not planning to move: Example, selling, or donating furniture items. Move to another location, or mark these items so they cannot be accidentally packed and loaded.

  6. Not to Be Shipped: Open liquids, flammable items, aerosols, cleaning products, perishable food items, propane tanks, to include camping lantern propane canisters, anything under pressure. Ammunition.

  7. Removing Hanging Objects: Pictures/paintings, mirrors, shelves and racks from all walls.

  8. Dismantle: All outdoor play equipment, outdoor structures such as utility sheds, playhouses, trampolines, swing or gym sets, weight benches. Clean Barbecue grills.

  9. Motorcycles: Motorcycles drain the fuel and oil. Wipe grease and dirt from equipment. Documents required for shipping: Registration has to be current CURRENT with members that is on the shipment, Government Bill of Lading and ownership certificate, or bank release if financed in Hawaii.

  10. Fire Arms: Must be registered, or registered with the State of Hawaii and listed with the join Personal Property Shipping Office (JPPSO) to be shipped out of the State of Hawaii.

  11. Important Documents and Travel Items: Cell phone chargers, keys, documents needed to clear residence, suitcases' place in an area, room, closet, so they cannot be packed by mistake.

  12. Pro-gear: Please show the Crew Supervisor the items. All the Pro Gear will be consolidated and annotated on the inventory.

  13. Multiple Day Moves: On multiple day moves (2, 3, 4 days) the crew will pack, inventory and load some crates on the truck each day until finishing your final day. This process gives the crew more room to work each day and lessens the amount of packing crates to be loaded on the final day. Beds will be left if needed until the final day. Please let the crew chief know if any beds are not needed through the move process for sleeping, that he can pack them and plan his load accordingly for the first day, second day and throughout your scheduled packing day of loading the containers.

  14. Have your home organized to what is to be moved and clean. This will streamline your move.

  15. Notifications Prior to Delivery/Pickup: We will call you between 3 and 4PM the day before your appointment to confirm information such as your address, contact information, etc.