What do I need to start my move?

Give us a call at 808-456-4200 or fill out a form on our website to receive a free quote. A representative will assist you in providing the appropriate information and documentation needed to start your moving process.

How am I being charged for my move?

Moving locally is charged on an hourly rate and is based on the time, labor (number of men and truck(s) assigned), and packing materials used for your move. Additional fees may incur for difficult moving situations such as:

  • Flight(s) of stairs.

  • Shuttling goods due to difficult parking situations.

  • Transporting from elevators.

What items should I be responsible for?

M. Dyer Global may assist in packing your items but we encourage you to pack extremely personal items. All items packed by our crew will be unloaded from the truck at time of delivery.

Our crew is professionally trained to accommodate flat-screened/curved televisions (starting at 73 inches), appliances, disassembling/reassembling of furniture (upon request and excluding IKEA), and are specially packed at origin. Most fine art pieces including paintings, art collections, and musical instruments can also be handled as we provide custom crating services to protect your unique possessions during transport for an additional price.

Please see our Moving Tips and Responsibilities guideline for more details on smoothening your packing process.

How do I prepare for the day M. Dyer will deliver/pickup my household goods?

A representative will call you the day before our crew will be arriving to confirm the pickup/delivery of your items. We will give our crew's estimated time of arrival (ETA) and confirm the address they will be delivering your shipment. The following details should be made clear prior to your delivery/pickup day to ensure the most efficient transition possible:

  • Best contact name(s) and phone number(s).

  • Where the crew should park.

  • Unloading/Loading area for HHGS (Household goods).

  • Reserved hours for the elevator (if needed).

  • Flight(s) of stairs.

  • Construction zones.

  • Gate code/Apt.#/Room #.

  • Type of flooring (carpet, tile or wood) so correct protective material can be laid to protect surfaces of your residence.

If we are delivering the same day as the pick up date, our crew will await your arrival at the destination address. Please keep in mind that local moving is charged on an hourly basis and our crew's stand by time is chargeable.

Tip: We also advise that you should designate a space for all important items/documents such as wallets, passports, medication, etc. that you do not want packed.

Please see our Moving Tips and Responsibilities guideline for more details on smoothening your packing process.

Will I be charged if the crew doesn't arrive at the estimated time of arrival (ETA)?

Yes. Charges begin the moment our crew leaves the warehouse until they have completed the job. If our crew does not arrive at your location at the designated time window this can be due to unanticipated traffic/delays.

Can I reschedule the date of my delivery/pickup?

Yes, rescheduling may be done pending the next available date. Schedule availability may be a longer wait during May - September when there is an increase of customers wanting to move. If you wish to do so, please let us know in advance. You will be charged a fee of $75 for cancellation on the day of your delivery/pickup.

Do you offer storage for my items? If so, what is your rate?

Yes, we offer storage for your items. Should you request storage, you may give M Dyer Global a call at 808-456-4200 and our surveyor will assist in arranging the cost of storing based on the net weight of your shipment. Storage charges can be billed monthly. If you want access to your storage, you must make an appointment for your visit. Our office hours are from Monday - Friday, 8AM-4PM.

Note: We are a non-controlled temperature facility and the ambient temperature is generally cool. Our property is secure and under surveillance 24/7.