Peak Season: Peak season is what we consider our busiest period of the year when there is an increase of customers moving in and out of Hawaii. Typically it begins in May and lasts until September. Please prepare for longer transit times as you are relocating.

Military members: Customers who are moving through the military.

Commercial customers: Also known as non-military, commercial are customers who are financially responsible for their move.

Household Goods (HHGS): Household Goods refers to all items of your shipment that you will be moving.

UB (Unaccompanied Baggage): A military option where a portion of your household goods that can travel via air transportation to your new destination prior to the rest of your shipment.

Wooden Lift Vans: Wooden crates which we use to store your HHGS for shipment. Dimensionally, they are approximately 7ft. tall x 4ft. wide x 7ft. deep and can fit an average of 1000 pounds of household goods.

Consolidation: When we pack your items into wooden lift vans, we may opt to load them into 20, 40 or 45 ft. containers where we co-load lift vans with other shipments that are travelling to a similar destination.

Origin Agent: Agent that coordinates the packing of your HHGS.

Destination/Delivery Agent: Agent that coordinates the delivery of your shipment to your new address.

Port Agent: Agent that is able to pick up/return containers to or from an ocean port.

Transportation Service Provider (TSP): A TSP is a booking agent. TSP's contract DOD-approved agents to do perform moving services such as packing, hauling, delivery and third-party services. This could be just one agent performing all said services for your shipment or a sperate agent for each respective phase - all dependent on the capacity of the assigned agent.

RORO: Roll on/roll off for transporting vehicles.

POA: Power of Attorney. Assigned to an individual in place of the owner of the shipment to witness their pack-out.

RA: Releasing/receiving agent.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): A time frame, typically a 1-2 hour window for the crew to arrive at your residence.

GSA (General Service Agent): They are non-active military members.