Moving to Oahu

I am moving to Hawaii through the military, and M Dyer Global was appointed as my destination agent.

Your transportation service provider (TSP) has assigned us as the destination agent to coordinate the delivery of your shipment to your residence here in Oahu. M. Dyer will work closely with you and your TSP to keep you informed about your shipment from start to finish.

Will you let me know when my shipment arrives at M Dyer?

Yes, our representative will keep you updated on when we are in possession of your items. We will contact you to schedule delivery of your shipment on the next available date provided you have housing accommodations.

How do I prepare for the day M. Dyer will deliver my household goods?

A representative will call you the day before our crew will be coming to confirm the delivery of your items. We will give our crew's estimated time of arrival (ETA) and confirm the address they will be delivering your shipment. The following details should be made clear prior to your delivery day to ensure the most efficient delivery possible:

  • Best contact name(s) and phone number(s).

  • Where the crew should park.

  • Unloading area for HHGS (Household goods).

  • Reserved hours for the elevator (if needed).

  • Flight(s) of stairs.

  • Construction zones.

  • Gate code/Apt.#/Room #.

  • Type of flooring (carpet, tile or wood) so correct protective material can be laid to protect surfaces of your residence.

Can I request a reweigh of my shipment?

Yes, you may request a reweigh through your TSP and/or on This will need to be approved before your scheduled delivery.

How can I set up a box/debris pickup?

M. Dyer will service box/debris pickup for shipments over 5,000 pounds. If your shipment is less than 5,000 pounds, you may call your local bulk services to schedule a pickup for your boxes. We do not dispose of unwanted items, this service includes moving-related debris only (box and paper) and is a one-time service.

Honolulu Bulky Item Collection:

I was told that my goods have arrived, but you don’t seem to have them.

You may have been notified that your items have arrived on-island, but M Dyer has not received them yet. When we are notified by the shipping carrier about the arrival of your shipment, we will arrange pick up of your household goods provided they have offloaded it from the vessel. We do not offer shipments for delivery until we have full, physical possession.

Do you offer storage for my items? If so, what is your rate?

Yes, we offer storage for your items. Should you request storage, you may give M Dyer Global a call at 808-456-4200 and our surveyor will assist in arranging the cost of storing based on the net weight of your shipment. Storage charges can be billed monthly. If you want access to your storage, you must make an appointment for your visit. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 8AM-4PM.

Note: We are a non-controlled temperature facility on Oahu and the ambient temperature is generally cool. Our property is secure and under surveillance 24/7.

Military Leaving Hawaii

I have more items to ship that were not addressed in my initial site survey. Can I add them to my shipment?

If you have items to move that were not addressed in your initial site survey, or because you were not able to donate/sell them before your pack out date, please give M Dyer a call and request contact with a Military Outbound Coordinator to inform them of a possible weight change in your shipment. Please try to inform us of these changes prior to your scheduled pack-out date so our crew can come prepared to pack your extra items.

I will not be on-island the day my items are scheduled to be packed. Can I assign someone else on my behalf for my pack-out?

Yes. If you are not present or off-island the day you are scheduled to pack-out, you must arrange for an RA (Releasing Agent) or POA (Power of Attorney) with our Military Outbound Coordinator to confirm that they will witness your pack-out on your behalf. This person can be anyone to whom you entrust your items with. The assigned POA must present the POA forms on the day of pickup in order for the crew to do service.

How do I prepare for the day M. Dyer will arrive to pick up my household goods?

A representative will call you the day before the crew will be arriving to confirm pick up of your household goods. We will give our crew's estimated time of arrival (ETA) and confirm the address they will be packing your household goods. The following details should be made clear prior to your pack-out day to ensure the most efficient pack-out possible:

  • Best contact name(s) and phone number(s)

  • Where the crew should park

  • Loading area for HHGS (Household goods)

  • Reserved hours for the elevator (if needed)

  • Flight(s) of stairs

  • Construction zones

  • Gate code/Apt.#/Room#

  • Type of flooring (carpet, tile or wood) so correct protective material can be laid to protect the surface of your residence.

We also advise that you should designate a space for all important documents/items such as wallets, passports or medical records that you do not want moved and advise the crew lead on the day of pick up. If you did not advise our crew in the event that important items are packed, a fee of $75 will be charged per man, per hour to reopen your boxes and retrieve these items.

Note: If you have packed your items please do not tape/seal them shut. Our crew will double-check to inventory your items and make sure they are properly packed so your goods will not be damaged in transit.

Can my firearms be packed with my household goods?

If you are shipping firearms, please provide the current firearm registration for all firearms you will be shipping. Also, know if the country you are moving to accepts shipment of firearms or not.

Note: Live ammo is considered hazardous material and cannot be packed with your household goods.

If I have a motorcycle that doesn’t have current registration, can I still ship it?

You will need to provide current registration with owner's name that is on the shipment, ownership certificate, or bank release if financed. During your site survey please identify any special crating for motorcycles, ATV's, or golf carts.

Drain the fuel of your motorcycle and disconnect the battery. Additional fees will incur if this is not performed.

Do I still need registration and title to ship motorcycle parts?

If you are shipping your motorcycle in parts, we will treat them as household goods and itemize them as motorcycle parts on your inventory sheet.

What items cannot be shipped internationally?

We strongly advise not to ship any open food or open alcohol, any standard shipping items including batteries, etc. as this may trigger a customs inspection once shipment reaches the port of destination. Research where you are headed to make yourself aware of the items that are deemed inappropriate and adjust your household goods accordingly.

Food for thought: M. Dyer Global are proud members of Move for Hunger. Set aside your unopened, non-perishable food items. Our crew will pack up your food and deliver it to the local food bank. From there, your donations will be sorted and delivered to local families in need.

How long will it take for my household goods to reach my destination?

Due to the COVID pandemic, transit times for all types of moves whether its domestic or international have been affected. Please plan to prepare for longer transit times.

Domestic Move (moving to another state): Estimated transit times have changed from the standard 4-6 weeks to 4-10 weeks.

International Move (moving out of U.S.): Estimated transit times have changed from the standard 8-12 weeks to 8 -14 weeks.

On the receiving end, your destination agent will contact you to let you know when your items have arrived and are available to deliver.