We understand that there are times when you may not be able to move your household goods directly into your new home or office. M. Dyer & Sons has storage solutions to meet your needs including short term or long term options. Trust your goods to be safely stored in our 63,000 square foot Pearl City facility. We utilize special cartons for packing items such as flat screen televisions, china, and paintings. We wrap with a specially designed paper pad all wood furniture, upholstered pieces, rugs and appliances. The items are wrapped and padded individually in your home or office before moving it into a storage vault for safe and secure storage. When your goods are stored with M. Dyer, you can rest secure in the knowledge that your items are well protected in our vaulted storage warehouse.

M. Dyer can accommodate moves with unique storage requirements. If your situation has weight restrictions, unforeseen moving expenses, or other factors that do not allow for an entire household to be relocated simultaneously, we can provide storage for all, or part of your household, whether it is temporary or for an extended amount of time. Your household goods will remain safely stored in our secure facilities until you are ready to accept full delivery of your belongings.

The M. Dyer warehouse is monitored 24/7. Our facility is equipped with sprinklers and fire suppression systems to safeguard your goods. The facility is professionally treated monthly. M. Dyer is DOD and TSA certified. Our warehouse adheres to strict government regulations and is subject inspections from government authorities at least twice a year. You can trust the moving experts at M. Dyer & Sons to handle your storage requirements.